Feedbump Content Guidelines


To ensure a content-friendly environment on the Feedbump platform, we have placed guidelines that all users must meet. Failure to follow the guidelines listed below may result in permanent account / IP deactivation.

General Guidelines

The following guidelines apply to all Feedbump users:

Product Promotions: Unless it is through the Feedbump Business Dashboard, promotional content not allowed on Feedbump without proper authorization.

Inappropriate (NSFW) Content: Demonstration of bigotry, harassment, threats, and other forms of “NSFW” content is not allowed. Profanity is generally frowned upon, but is allowed.

Feedback: Feedback must be relevant to the Feedback Page that it is being posted on. Payments in return for any Feedback is not allowed.

Personal Information and Privacy: Do not reveal personal identifiable information on Feedbump. This does not include the following business information: Phone number, email address, business physical address, publicizable business license information.

Intellectual Property and Copyright: Content from other sites (blogs, forums, review pages) is not allowed on Feedbump.

Guidelines at a more user-specific scope are provided below.

Business Guidelines

We want to encourage your brand style to shine on Feedbump. We do not have specific guidelines regarding professionality and style. However, for the prevention of spam, we insist that you follow the general guidelines for content while choosing a name and description for your project.

Feedback Guidelines

We don’t have much here! All feedback must comply with the general guidelines provided above.